why is good morning a normal thing to say when good afternoon sounds like you’re trying to hard and good evening sounds vampiric

has anyone else been watching the strain bc the story is really intriguing to me but there’s something about most of the characters that is so cliché but OFF somehow. especially the main CDC guy it’s like they’re trying too hard to make him quirky but he’s just really boring. same with his partner and the old man who owns the pawn shop

ppl arguing about zach’s sexual orientation need to chill out if he says he likes girls he likes girls and if he says he’s in love with frankie he’s in love with frankie. he can do both. he’s allowed. he doesn’t even need to be sexually attracted to frankie to have feelings for him!!!! weird


Yet they claim that the queer community is overly sexual and puts our sex lives out there. Straight people are weird. 


Hello i would like to purchase an automobile

okay yeah I know bats are “in caves” during the day so then where in the heck is there a fucking CAVE near my house?? ain’t no fucking caves here I would know if there was a goddamn cave near my house but I see bats all the time. bat’s inhabit another dimension during the day don’t listen to the lies


he fuck that goat

also where the FUCK are bats during the day

seeing a bat is always so weird like there’s this whole part of the world that happens at night that we collectively forget about until we see evidence of it which in vaguer terms where I’m not talking about bats would be a great premise for a horror movie