• caleb: I'll be your girlfriend
  • frankie: shut up he's taking me
  • zach: I am taking frankie

Anonymous asked:
Hey, I don't think it's really cool to invalidate what someone believes in, even if they disagree with you. It's just not cool

I’m not invalidating any belief just criticizing it. I don’t have the power to invalidate a whole religion. I don’t have that power


the shrex files

Anonymous asked:
What's yours moms saying about you having babies?

I was telling her about how sad it was when I left for work and the puppy was crying bc she didn’t want to be left alone

I’m obsessed with my puppy

my sister just set an empty soda can down on the table and my brother said “it sounded like reggae music for a second” and the weirdest part is it actually did

2 white bitches


Santa Barbara, California; 1977